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Build, improve, and measure your Enterprise Data Management Program.

Are you Drowning in Data Without a Life Vest?

As data continues to grow exponentially, business leaders have access to more raw performance data than ever before. However, many organizations have no idea how to harness the power of data for their business.

  • 54%

    of leaders believe the ability to analyze data improves their decisions.

  • 52%

    of C-suite executives have dismissed data because they couldn’t understand it.

  • 52%

    of organizations believe a lack of data confidence increases their threat of regulatory penalties.

  • 51%

    of organizations believe their current data governance programs are ineffective.

What is the Data Management Maturity (DMM) Program?

The DMM Program provides the best practices roadmap and services to help organizations build, improve, and measure their enterprise data management function and staff.

The program centers around the Data Management Maturity (DMM) model, a comprehensive framework of data management practices in six key categories that helps organizations benchmark their capabilities, identify strengths and gaps, and leverage their data assets to improve business performance.

Data Strategy

  • Data Management Strategy
  • Communications
  • Data Management Function
  • Business Case
  • Funding

Data Governance

  • Governance Management
  • Business Glossary
  • Metadata Management

Data Quality

  • Data Quality Strategy
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Cleansing

Data Operations

  • Data Requirements Definition
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Provider Management

Platform & Architecture

  • Architectural Approach
  • Architectural Standards
  • Data Management Platform
  • Data Integration
  • Historical Data & Archiving

Supporting Processes

  • Measurement and Analysis
  • Process Management
  • Process Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management
  • Configuration Management

A Practical Focus for Real-World Results

Improved Risk and Analytics Decisions

Comprehensive and measured strategy ensures decisions are based on accurate data.

Trusted Data

Customers have confidence in their data as capabilities are demonstrated and independently measured.

Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency

The identification of current and target states supports the elimination of redundant data and streamlines processes.

Regulatory Compliance

Independently evaluated and measured capabilities substantiate industry regulatory requirements.

A practical focus for real-world results

Using the DMM

Explore the many different ways practitioners and organizations can get started with the DMM.

DMM Model

DMM Model

The DMM model outlines data process improvement across business lines, allowing executives to make better and faster decisions using a strategic view of their data.

Purchase a copy of the DMM to improve your organization’s data management practices.

DMM Training and Certifications

DMM Training and Certifications

The CMMI Institute has a full suite of successive DMM training classes and certification pathways. Qualifications for training and certifications are equally achievable by those who have a business background as well as those working in the IT/data management space.

DMM Assessment

DMM Assessment

A DMM assessment allows an organization to quickly evaluate its current state of data management maturity relative to key goals and achieve actionable improvements, both strategic and tactical, to its data management program.

Email [email protected] to learn more about how you can schedule your assessment.

DMM Resources

DMM Resources

Dig deeper into the DMM with white papers, case studies, thought leadership articles, and more. Visit the Resource Center to view all resources.

Improve Business Performance

The DMM has helped organizations in a wide range of industries improve their data management practices.

Neoway Business Solutions, headquartered in Brazil, applied the DMM model to become more proficient in managing critical data assets, improving operations, enabling analytics, and gaining competitive advantage.

The DMM program has greatly improved our business. It has added great value, not just in terms of process and governance, but in actual product development. DMM brings a direct technical and business impact to our company and enhances our ability to add value to our customers.

Rodrigo Barcia, Product Vice President and Data Steward, Neoway

Read our Neoway case study

Improve business performance

Vendor Independent, Product Neutral

The DMM can be used by any organization in any industry to implement, measure, and report data management capabilities for key industry drivers.

  • DMM and Analytics

    DMM and Analytics

    The DMM provides guidance for improving data governance, data quality, and other aspects that empower an organization to gain insights from its data.

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  • DMM and BCBS

    DMM and Risk Data Aggregation

    Implementing the DMM not only satisfies risk reporting requirements, but serves as a catalyst for positive improvements across the full scope of data management.

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  • DMM and Healthcare

    DMM and Healthcare

    Health and Human Services chose the DMM as the basis for their new data management framework that helps healthcare organizations improve overall patient safety.

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Learn how the DMM can help you derive insights from data that drive business growth.

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