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Introducing CMMI® V2.0

CMMI V2.0 helps organizations quickly understand their current level of capability and performance in the context of their own business objectives and compared to similar organizations.

Designed to optimize business performance in an ever-changing global landscape, the CMMI V2.0 model is a proven set of global best practices that enables organizations to build and benchmark the key capabilities that address the most common business challenges, including:​

  • Ensuring Quality
  • Engineering & Developing Products
  • Delivering & Managing Services
  • Selecting & Managing Suppliers
  • Planning & Managing Work
  • Managing Business Resilience
  • Managing the Workforce
  • Supporting Implementation
  • Sustaining Habit & Persistence
  • Improving Performance

CMMI V2.0 Key Improvements

Improve Business Performance

Business goals are tied directly to operations in order to drive measurable, improved performance against time, quality, budget, customer satisfaction and other key drivers.

Leverage Current Best Practices

CMMI V2.0 is a trusted source of proven best practices that will be continuously updated to reflect changing business needs on the new online platform.

Build Agile Resiliency and Scale

Direct guidance on how to strengthen agile with Scrum project processes with a focus on performance.

Increase Value of Benchmarking

New performance-oriented appraisal method improves reliability and consistency of benchmarks while reducing preparation time and lifecycle costs.

Accelerate Adoption

Online access and adoption guidance make the benefits of CMMI more accessible than ever.

The new assessment method made it possible for us to have a successful appraisal and made it much easier for us to adopt other methods such as Agile.

Hong Ou, EPG Leader, China Merchants Bank


CMMI Institute acknowledges those who helped to make CMMI V2.0 possible.

Integrated Product Suite

CMMI V2.0 is an integrated product suite consisting of 5 components that, when used together, provide a clear and proven path to achieving your business objectives.

Training & Certification

Updated training has modular components with virtual and in-person options. The training is more learning objective oriented.


Clear pathway to performance improvement. Simplified for accelerated adoption.

Adoption Guidance

Guidance for a smooth transition from CMMI V1.3 to V2.0 and for new adopters helps users get started with CMMI V2.0.

Systems & Tools

Redesigned system to access online models and resources.

Appraisal Method

A new appraisal method helps to increase reliability while reducing overall cost.

CMMI V2.0 is one model with multiple customized views that apply to different business environments, enabling organizations to create a view of the model that meets their specific performance improvement needs. Learn more about the following views of the V2.0 model:

CMMI Development

CMMI Services

CMMI Supplier Management

This online tool allows users to browse the model, download sections, and view context-specific content.

Explore the CMMI V2.0 Model Viewer

Still using CMMI V1.3? View these models here:

CMMI Development V1.3

CMMI Services V1.3

CMMI Acquisition V1.3

Full Lifecycle of Capability Building

Organizations using CMMI® to build capability have achieved improvement in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and organizational performance—all of which benefit the bottom line. Contact a CMMI expert to learn more.

Get Started with the Model

Starting with V2.0 - CMMI V2.0 offers new features, including an online model viewer for accelerated adoption.

Gauge your Organizational Capability

An appraisal is an activity that helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s processes and to examine how closely the processes relate to CMMI best practices. The first step in getting your organization appraised is to find a Lead Appraiser.

Find Training Near You

Whether you are just getting started with CMMI or have decades of experience, our training courses will move you along your career path. You can find all upcoming CMMI Institute Courses on our Course Calendar.

Pursue a CMMI Certification

CMMI Institute Certified Individuals understand what it takes to get measurable results through the adoption of CMMI practices. They are making an impact in organizations around the world, and you can join their good work by pursuing one of our certifications. View all CMMI Institute Certifications and get started on your own improvement path today!


Learn how CMMI V2.0 can take your organizational capability and performance to the next level.

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