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Driving Performance Through Capability

When a company's distinctive capabilities are clearly defined and leveraged, they are positioned to respond to events, solve problems, and implement change faster and more efficiently than their competitors.

Why Build Capability?

Knowing your key capabilities creates new value, and is the secret to staying relevant in a rapidly changing business environment.

Companies that build and leverage their capabilities saw:

  • Decreases in defects, re-work, cost, time-to-market, and risk.
  • Increases in quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, performance, and new/repeat business.
  • 50%

    of businesses say building capability is among their top three priorities.

  • 61%

    of organizations struggle to bridge the gap between strategy, formulation, and implementation because they lack capabilities.

  • 75%

    of S&P’s current firms will be replaced by 2027 because they can’t identify and develop capabilities.


Outpacing the Competition

Capability is the key to staying ahead of rapidly evolving expectations.

Now more than ever, organizations must deliver above and beyond customer expectations and find new ways to stand out and stay competitive in a continually evolving, always challenging environment.

When a company’s distinctive capabilities are clearly defined, they can move their business forward with a precise strategy and purpose, positioning themselves to respond to events, solve problems, and implement change faster and more efficiently than their competitors

Learn more about capability in the white paper, “Thriving in the Age of Disruption.”

The essence of strategy is not the structure of the company's products and markets but the dynamics of its behavior … the building blocks of strategy are not products and markets, but business processes.

George Stalk, Harvard Business Review
Outpacing the competition

Results Across Industries

Four different companies. Four very different industries. All thriving in their respective sectors by continuously building their organizational capabilities.

  • Honeywell set out to improve its problem-solving capability among 7,000 engineers and multiple lines of business.

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  • CMMI helped Allianz UK attract new employees, achieve a best-in-class benchmark, and land partner deals.

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  • Chemtech used CMMI to revise its tools and templates, and reduce organizational rework by almost 50 percent.

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  • Minacs IT Solutions uses the CMMI to achieve a zerodefect environment and a 40% overall increase in their on-time delivery.

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