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DMM Certified Individuals understand what it takes to improve their data management practices through adoption of the Data Management Maturity (DMM)℠ model.

How it Works

  1. Select your Certification Program

    The CMMI Institute offers six different certifications. Discover which certification matches your professional development goals and take your career to the next level.

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  2. Apply or enroll in training required for your program

    Once you’ve determined your certification program, find a training course offering that fits into your schedule. The CMMI Institute offers courses across the world.

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  3. Recieve and maintain your Certification

    Congratulations! You’re a CMMI Institute-Certified individual. Don’t forget to maintain this high level of competency and skills by adhering to the renewal policies.


Certified Enterprise Data Management Associate

Learn basic concepts of enterprise data management.

Demonstrate to employers your knowledge of the global standard of enterprise data management.

Certified Enterprise Data Management Expert

Leaders in data management practices.

We recommend contacting the CMMI Institute and talking to a representative about all of the options for expert certifications.

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Maintaining a Certification

Each CMMI Certification has a different validity period. At the end of a Certification’s validity period, the Certification is no longer valid. Follow the steps to maintain your unique Certification.

  • How to maintain an Enterprise Data Management AssociateSM Certification.

    Certified EDM Associates must retake the certification exam every three years to ensure that they are educated on the latest DMM best practices and models.

  • How to maintain an Enterprise Data Management ExpertSM Certification.

    All Enterprise Data Management Expert certifications are valid for five years. Certification as a Enterprise Data Management Expert includes a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain a high proficiency and skill in the practice. For more information about Renewal Requirements

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CMMI Institute Individuals have earned this high honor by successfully demonstrating a specific set of competency and skills. Search the Partner Directory to find any Certified Individual.

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